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Top Tips for Working Remote

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It sounds like a dream, but it can quickly become a nightmare. Before you enter the realm of working from home, you have to know—really know—what you’re getting yourself into. And it sounds pretty basic: you work from, well, home. Turns out there’s a lot more to it. I started working remote in at least some capacity several years ago. In fact, many people do, especially developers with side projects on their plate. You spend your weekday and weekend nights in your home office, cranking away at the thing that’ll…read more

The Mentee and the Manatee

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I never asked to be a mentor. I never wanted—nor do I think anyone wanted me—to be one. But much like getting old, going to the dentist, or laughing at Sail Cat, you can’t really stop it from happening. And as a jaded, hateful person, it was a lot more impactful than I imagined it would be. It wasn’t one of those life-affirming “let’s teach each other about people” situations like from every 90s sitcom, but you obviously learn a lot from the first time you do anything, and that…read more