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QuakeCon Dishonored Demo

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If you aren’t familiar with Dishonored, that’s all right because I wasn’t either. All I knew heading into my QuakeCon demo was that it was a first-person shooter from Arkane Studios and there may or may not be rats. While both of those things are true, there is a whole lot more to Dishonored that just Schrödinger critters. Indeed, Dishonored is a game that takes place in the first-person perspective, but it is less of a shooter and more of a mixed action stealth game. You play as a “supernatural…read more


QuakeCon RAGE Demo

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Judging by everyone I talked to at QuakeCon, I was not alone in almost wholeheartedly writing off id Software‘s upcoming post-apocalyptic first-person shooter Rage. Also judging by everyone I talked to at QuakeCon, I am now not alone in feeling like a damn fool for having done so. Rage is very much an id game when you look at it in the grand scheme of things. It’s certainly hard to quantify why I say that (though it’s also a sentiment John Carmack shared in his keynote this year), but you…read more